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A Workflow for Field Level Hazard Assessment

Any work environment contains elements of risk. The dominant risk factor cannot even be avoided as  humans can create the greatest risk of all. We all make mistakes. That said, the other risk factors can be addressed and mitigated with the application of  a proper risk management  process . The effective running of any business or activity demands supervision. Making sure that the physical work space is as safe as possible requires what is known as a field level hazard assessment. This is a safety  process which contains a few basic steps to be done in order which, when applied will measurably increase workplace safety. It is important, at the outset, to have a safety meeting with anyone and everyone who will be involved in this process to make sure they are all well informed on expectations, analysis, and  the controls to mitigate the hazards. Once a hazard is identified, the first step is to assess the hazard. The … Continue reading

The Importance Of A Safety Hazard Assessment

Workplace safety should be among the most important things for an employer and an employee. Therefore, a hazard assessment should be done to make sure that there are no safety issues for anyone while on the job. Not only should occupational health and safety matter to a good employer,  OHS   will make sure that companies are keeping safe working conditions. What is a hazard assessment? This is when the company  management and employees do a thorough check to make sure that there are no job safety issues at all. The job tasks are analyzed to make sure that the person doing the job is capable of doing so, the tools used are safe for the worker and the task itself is not causing any undue harm or creating a safety hazard. Most companies will have a safety program in place at work. This will ensure that  risks are mitigated to reduce the possibility of someone getting  … Continue reading

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